Portable Guitar Amplifier Electric Guitar Mini Headphone Amp

$41.95 $34.95


  • Compact and light-weight design, easy to carry.
  • Built-in distortion effect.
  • Designed with 3 adjuster: Drive, Tone, Volume.
  • 6.35mm/0.25in plug, just plug into guitar jack, no need of installation.
  • Aux-in jack lets you play along with cellphone or MP3 player.
  • Comes with a splitter plug allows you to connect two headphones simultaneously.
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
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Mini headphone amp for your electric guitar. Professional sound design, strong and dynamic metal sound, providing heavy music.


  1. D,V,

    It’s good device. Works perfect.

  2. F.M.

    Excellent. Good tone. Clean sound.

  3. Y.D.

    Works great. you can plug guitar at same time.

  4. Michael Skelton

    Very happy with with my purchase, the tones are what I was looking for! Thanks

  5. Leo Ashmore

    I want one

  6. Steve

    I need one of these ! I’ll have to try one !

  7. Michael

    They work great. You can rock out at 3 in the morning and not bother anyone

  8. Lachezar Dimitrov

    It’s a great gadget for late/early hours practice.

  9. Marshall Patterson (verified owner)

    I like it I like to rock in the early morning hours . Before I g o t this neighbors called the cops 3 times cause I was too loud. This was the answer.

  10. Crashman (verified owner)

    This Thing Is Awesome,,,,, Supper cool,, I Just Hope It Last’s more then a month

  11. Rob Williamson

    I haven’t bought anything yet from this company but I am excited to do so. I would like to receive emails on some of the products that you have because some of it looks really really cool and helpful.

  12. Russell Netti

    It looks pretty cool!

  13. Kent Rath

    I’m looking forward to trying several of the guitar items, and see how they prove to stand up to use.

  14. Kevin Long

    I want one!

  15. jerry thomas

    my headphone guitar amp is great thanks

  16. Floyd erwin

    Can bluetooth earbuds be used with this?

    • admin


      Unfortunately they will not work with Bluetooth buds

  17. David (verified owner)

    Great item! hope you guys release a wireless one

  18. Bill Greene

    Is there any reason why this would not work with Bass?

    • admin

      Its does work with a Bass 🙂

  19. robin whisenhunt (verified owner)

    I have several of these items from Way cool!

  20. Bill Greene

    Is it Bluetooth too?

    • admin

      Unfortunately its not bluetooth

  21. Joe zahner

    I like the idea

  22. Merl Reams (verified owner)

    Mine is on the way, can’t wait!

  23. Kenneth smith

    Found this on face book I think its the answer to all my problems tired of disturbing my wife at night and the neighbors

  24. JWJ (verified owner)

    I love this amp, I’m shocked how good it sounds, don’t think twice, it’s worth it! Fing serious!!

  25. Steve Bollin

    Do these work on a bass ?

    • admin

      It Does work on a bass

  26. Bruce’s

    Can u used it for bass.guitar?

    • admin

      It does work on Bass guitars

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